by Young Hunter

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"Dayhiker" represents the work Young Hunter has put into finding their voices individually within the music, and as a group through touring, writing and recording together. The songs from "Dayhiker" were written in a more collective way than previous Young Hunter releases, and the band honed the songs by playing them live on the road, so when it came time to record they wanted to find a way to capture the songs as directly as possible.They spent 5 days with Tim Green (Melvins, Wolves in the Throne Room, Comets on Fire) at his analog retreat studio, Louder Studios, in Grass Valley, CA.


released October 13, 2017

Recorded in March of 2017 with Tim Green at Louder Studios in Grass Valley, CA.
Cover art by Branca Studios.
Released October 2017 on Fear and the Void Recordings.

Vinyl and CDs available at


all rights reserved



Young Hunter Portland, Oregon

Raised by Coyotes.

younghuntermusic at gmail dot com

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Track Name: In The Shadow of The Serpent
You're used to having the page turn on you
Before you get a sentence down
You're used to living a life worth leaving
And the freedom to burn it all down
Who made these choices for you?
What will do you call your own?
Gather around this ancient fire
Realize you've never been home

Who wrote these songs sung backwards?
Left messages here for us?
Woven deep into our lifetimes
Have we gotten our signals crossed?
Who built this church for burning?
Who made this home to leave?
Led by the strength of our desire
We came to this place to believe

Time's changing, I've been waiting here my whole life
Fire fading, darkness changing into the light
Bury it out here where there's nothing
Maybe someday someone will find your song here
In the silence

What is the weight of our transgression?
Will we suffer through endless time?
Love is the only life worth leading
When we wake we dream of the blind
Now hear this harp strung softly
Gather here around wisdom's strings
This world's truth will long outlive us
Give us to dust and they remain
Track Name: The Feast
How can I criticize the hand that bleeds, the ties that bind?
I only speak the truth between these lines
They've got me right where they want me now
But I'm only following my dreams
programmed in my head while I sleep
I see you've got the same destiny
or so we've been lead to believe.

I try to share my voice
Try to share my pain
Try to make a mark
Only leave a stain

I guess its just us two,
if you can hear me then I'm talking to you.
Ain't no prison but the one in our minds
and this is how I lock myself in at night

So go ahead and sound the alarms
or see no evil, do no wrong.
They might miss you when you're gone
if you were ever here at all.
But long ago I made up my mind
to sign along the first dotted line
and follow these crumbs to the feast
It seems like crumbs are all I ever eat

And I accept the fate
that one day I may go deaf
trying to make my voice heard.
Track Name: Entered Apprentice
Take a hit and watch the movies on the back of my eyelids
Take a trip around the block just to get where I started
For all we know, we're alone
For all we know

Been a ghost before but I ain't one yet
You won't believe how far I came just to breath a little breath
And gather what I could while I can
Leave it with my grinning skull in the sand

I cozy up at night against these concrete walls
I hear my master's voice in these ancient halls
I change my uniform to fit the age I'm in
What you see here is never who I am
Track Name: Hunger
The brightest light casts the darkest shade
I woke up cloaked in my shadow today
Blinded by the fire that burns in my eyes
I would die for the truth, I would lie to survive


Sometimes I'm shocked by the things I feel
In another life I was trained to kill
What do you make of the promise of death?
Will you partake in the siren's last breath?
That's why I must leave you here
And I will bury what we shared

Was all we shared
Track Name: Dark Age
How strange it is to be born in such a dark age
Can you keep your eyes open in the thick haze?
The truth is a legend written on a burning page
If I say that I'll read it will you lead me to the flames?

How strange it is to witness such a dark turn
Did I really come here just to watch it burn?
Like a prisoner trapped in the prism shapes
But this feeling inside me burns hotter than hate

I took the sacrament today
Watched the fire move across the plains
A new blood flowed in my veins
But I can already feel the changes fade
Track Name: Black Mass
Black mass in the capital
The lone gunman put on quite a show
Hear their hearts beating beneath the grassy knoll
Hear the shots ring out from the nose bleed row

Feeling heavy, my ceiling's your floor
Been in this room since the day I was born
They don't make boxes for the shapes I'm gonna make
I got a feeling tonight like something's gonna break

Hungry ghost, scroll through the feed
Here in lockdown city, you can still get what you need
Some people drink and some people bleed
We were cogs in the wheel before they built the machine

An ancient code called survival mode
They led the free world to a ditch in the road
The visiting team put on quite a show
We know the war is rigged but we're still gonna go

Heavy heavy, I dig through the floor
This is the face I wore before I was born
They don't make boxes for the shape I'm in
I've been losing so long, tonight I'm gonna win

If you want facts just ask the tortured youth
Trade a pound of flesh for an ounce of truth
I feel something heavy, everybody hit the floor
We'll never go back to the way we were before
Silhouette soldier crept in at dawn
Blood on the lawn, blood on the lawn
Guns drawn, my name on their tongue
I'm already gone
Put on another face as I walk into the store
I ain't confused by these endless disguises
I look evil straight into the eye
I ain't confused by these endless disguises
Put on another face as I walk into the store
This is the choice I made before I was born
Put on another face as I walk into the store
This is the face I wore before I was born

Who wears the mask of our unspoken fears?
Those who've gone deaf say they like what they hear
Free from the sound of our unanswered prayers
Who needs a voice when you can cover your ears?
Track Name: Night Hiker
I sit by this fire, what can I do?
I see the earth turning from blue
Into a shade no eyes have seen
I wish that this life was a dream

Buried gold, ancestral bones
When an empire dies, where do people go?
Addicted to a fading screen
I tell you my friend, it was all but a dream

What keeps the soul moving on
When we have been hunting so long?
I saw something move, it disappeared
This life is a dream, the earth is a mirror

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